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About Electrosurge
ElectroSurge engages with medical device teams in successfully bringing products to market.  Inventors may be on their own, at a start-up, a hospital, or a university.  Financial sponsors may include angel investors, venture capitalists, licensees, large and small medical device enterprises, or turnkey development partners.

Additionally, ElectroSurge has deep technical expertise in electrosurgery and RF ablation including tissue effects and safety standards.  Electrosurgery and RF ablation refer to the application of electrical current to the body that allows surgeons to cut, shrink, or thermally destroy selected tissues and control bleeding.  Medical professionals use this technology in general surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, urology, gynecology, oncology, and other specialties.  We also have expertise in a number of other technologies.

When potential financial sponsors assess your idea, they look for information in ways that you may sometimes not foresee.  These sponsors should not pass over your idea because they do not fully understand it.  ElectroSurge excels at understanding the merits of your idea and communicating its value in ways that sponsors can appreciate.  We may prepare presentations, recommend more studies, provide focus, or explore how your idea benefits the healthcare ecosystem.  ElectroSurge’s expertise is essential at the initial stages of product development to assess your idea’s viability, explore the potential for practical application and clinical efficacy, and determine its ultimate attractiveness for end-users.

When an inventor or start-up presents an intriguing idea to you, you may not have the expertise to fully assess its potential value.  Before you make a financial commitment, you need a deep understanding of its technical soundness, fulfillment of an unmet clinical need, and regulatory and other product development risks.  ElectroSurge helps you better appreciate these key decision points.

Whether you are the developing company or a turnkey development partner, ElectroSurge can provide expertise in the concept, development, and verification/ validation phases of your design control cycle.

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